Thursday, April 2, 2009


I had four hours of sleep last night, but at least they were in a row. Benaiah woke up at about 3:30. Even after I got him to lay back down I could go back to sleep. I was in bed thinking, "Do I go ahead and get up (then 4am) or do I attempt to lay here until I fall asleep again (thus risking grogginess later)." I got up.

It was a good thing too because Benaiah was fitful and I had to pick him up and nurse him many more times through out the VERY early morning. To be honest, I feel fine, slightly spacey, but fine. I had time to pray and read. I looked up some things on the internet unpestered (like how to get the perma-stink out of cloth diapers...eww). I formulated a plan on how to improve the way my sons treat one another (always a good idea to have a plan). When the boys did eventually rise, we laid on the floor together and I sang silly songs to them very quietly. I was surprised at how mesmerized they seemed. Maybe they are too used to me being loud.

This has me thinking about the gift of sleep and the gift of sleeplessness. Being a mother of a 7 month old, it is very typical to long for the blessing of sleep (long, deep, uninterrupted sleep). But, today I found the joy in odd wakefulness and I am very thankful. =)