Saturday, May 30, 2009

House Hunting

I have learned a new lesson. When house hunting in Oklahoma never eat first. If you must eat, eat at least one hour before house hunting and ingest nothing heavy. I ate tacos......bad plan. Car sickness struck me after about 10 minutes of driving on an unpaved road and followed with me for the next couple of hours. I never knew that pavement (no matter the condition) is actually a blessing. Lessons abound!

Please pray that we find a domicile as our timeline is short and rather wonky. =) Also, I am missing my friends and am feeling rather lonely. =(

More news as I have it!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Kansas....No Toto

It has been an interesting day. While Kansas may not be what comes to mind when thinking of scenic views, that certainly doesn't mean that it is boring! Let me start with road signs (gotta love them!). "Live 5 legged Steer", "World's Largest Prairie Dog", "Pet the Baby Pig", were 3 of my favorite. Then there was the emergency roadside potty break for the coolest 4 y/o I know. Lucas wanted to test how much arc he could get with his urine stream.....nearly peeing in his own face. Not to be out down, Lij and Abe had a lovely vegtable food fight in the back seat of our van (I think they have figured out with all the stuff packed into the van and our intense desire to get as far as we can each day, they can pretty much get away with most anything).

The trio can also work together for good. At a rest stop just over the Colorado border in Kansas the boys found a rabbit (we were not watching well enough...obviously). The rabbit was dead (the boys insisted that they found fang marks on the rabbit and that it had died by the vile will of a snake). The boys did what any decent person would do...they gave it a funeral. Led by Abraham in prayer, the boys buried it. Lucas said that they prayed it would come back to life (so sweet!).

In case you have missed it...we are not in Oklahoma yet. Kansas is so much bigger than I had previously surmised.

P.S. We got the boys haircuts. Lucas snuck in a faux hawk (I cannot believe he remember the name of that do). See what happens when you walk away from a boy during a haircut...the haircut gets changed! Picture his missing front teeth, naughty twinkle in his eye, and now a faux hawk!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sometimes Your Waitress Cannot Be Trusted

Hello All! I am writing from Laramie, Wyoming this evening. I did not get a chance to blog last night. I was way too tired. But, I am sure you are wondering about the title to this entry.

Well, we stopped for lunch in this little restauraunt. Naturally, our waitress was on probation merely awaiting the chance to run over a woman who had betrayed her. I overheard this on my way to the salad bar. I'm glad we tip well. =)

O, I didn't get a chance to tell you all about the road signs in Idaho just before Utah. We were WAY into the wilderness, just outside a town called Snowville (No snow..thank goodness). Chris and I started laughing as we read the street signs along the highway. "Hot Springs Ahead, Beware of Alligators!" ALLIGATORS? Remember we are in the middle of no where, outside of a town with snow in its name. LOL, I can't make up things this funny.

Still, all is well with our traverse across our nation. Thank you all for your prayers!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Route to Oklahoma--Pendleton, Oregon

Well, I got a bit too ambitious in thinking that we would be leaving first thing Monday morning. Even with getting up at 6 am and working continually, we still were not able to leave until nearly 1pm. This also means my planned stop at a KOA was also foiled. BUT, we are in a leaving hotel room (one of the ones which give you breakfast in the morning...which is awesome with children and a deep-seeded desire to avoid malarkey at all costs!).

The van is filled to bursting. Abe and Lucas cannot actually touch one another because there is a wall of stuff separating them (which is not particularly a bad thing) and Elijah cannot put his feet down. Benaiah is uneffected. Actually, I think that he is enjoying the multitude of stuff tempting him all around.

We are tired but are still enjoying one another, which is an awesome blessing. This evening we spent some time in the pool. It was a sweet time.

I am going to sleep now! I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Moving Thoughts

We are so blessed.

You know sometimes when people offer to help but then that help never really happens....that is the opposite of my life right now. I made a list of things I was working on this week and then posted it to my homeschool group for the people that had said, "What can I do to help?", and I had no answer for them. I posted it with the idea that people would do what they could and that God would handle it all. WOW, things are being handled!

Ladies have been descending upon my house like a small swarms of bees. Sunny smiles upon their faces, chatting, laughing, working all the while. This must be a glimpse of life from when most ladies were home. It has been such a blessing. I am so grateful. In these few days since we received our "final" offer from Chris's work, I have been emotionally taxed and felt like there was too much to do and with little will to do any of it all. I was tired at even the thought. I still am. It is too much to do, to handle. But, God never gives us more than we can handle right? I don't think that is true. I have never have seen that verse in the Bible. "I can do all things through God who strengthens me." I have seen that verse, but in my present situation what I see in that verse is not that I can do all things in myself, but that God can do all things. And He has been doing things everyday, clearly Him. I am blessed because I get to feel so close to Him, so carried in His hand. May we all be so blessed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Moving to Oklahoma...SO this is what a fish feels like

I thought that this blog post should come with some silly photo (like of me splatted across the floor partially covered in torn letters and undone laundry) but I am just too tired! I went to Mom's Night Out last night after hearing the news from Christopher that we had received our final offer for employment with IRS (insert joke here).

I have 16 days...16....count them..aghhh! Yes, I am feeling a tad dramatic today but I think I have earned it. I get to sell the majority of our possessions, load the boys into the van, camp across half of the country, find a house and a car for Chris in one week, and then settle into the small task of yard sale-ing ( is a word!) or thrift store-ing (yep..another word) for replacement furnishings all while trying to entertain the boys (and myself!). Normally, this is point where I say, "I can do it!", and then get to it. But I just cannot seem to bring myself to that point. There is a mental wall, or a mental hole, or......I don't even know, but I just can't seem to wrap my mind around this. Friends have offered to help but I don't even know where to direct them to help. Like a fish yanked from its nice water-y world (makes sense, Oregon is quite watery and Oklahoma is rather dry) and thrown upon land thrashes for a moment or two and then lies there, not dead, but clearly confused.

So, dear friends, I am not dead yet (picture Monty Python with the old man in the wheel barrel), but I am SO over my own abilities. This trip will certainly be God.