Thursday, June 4, 2009

We have a nest!

Well, Chris will be signing the lease for our rental tomorrow morning. It is a 2 bedroom white farm house with very large yard (makes my old large look tiny). While this was not what we had intended (renting not buying, in Crescent not the college town) it is just lovely. The rent money goes to support a missionary in the Phillipines (you just don't get cooler than that!). The lady showing us the house is the homeschool co-op coordinator for the area and is a Christian mama of 9.

We just need a refrigerator and washer (I can line dry). Please pray for those things! =)

Also, Chris found a work car yesterday for only 1200 bucks! It is even cute. God is great!

I am super busy trying to get things arranged before Chris leaves for Tenneesee. Garage sales here I come!