Monday, January 25, 2010

Number 4...Mess Maker Extraordinaire

In retrospect, I would say that I used to be one of those mothers who wanted everything scheduled, everything timely, and everyone exactly on their appropriate milestone...or early, earlier was better in my book. This isn't to say that I now I don't care about those things, I do, but rather I now care more about being with them and letting them be. There is a being that can only happen when the heart is more important than the rule. Baby Naiah is a whirlwind of mess. I can tell him one moment to get out of Daddy's desk and the next minute he is in the pantry. It is annoying. He interrupts continually. But it is ok with me now because I have finally learned to enjoy the process of childhood. Before anyone thinks that I am trying to convince anyone that I am "Mrs. Mom-the-Awesome", I'm not. I'm just a little better than I was. =)