Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our New Home

Ok, so this is not the greatest picture, but my camera is being snarky. And, yes, technically this is mostly a picture of my garage and small silo, but there is the side of the house there....stop being so picky! As you can see it is a country house in all its country-ish glory. Can you tell I adore it? I tell you all, if I could buy this house, I would.

I wish I had more time to post but presently I am preparing to go visit Missouri. My dear Chris is there being trained on all things tax and he invited us up for the holiday weekend. It might be more accurate to say that "invited" was probably closer to "prodded" because this will be my first road trip alone with the boys. In fact, it is my first road trip without Chris or my mother, as I have never gone a road trip with anyone else and certainly not alone (something might try to eat me...zombies as they are and the such, lol). Can you tell I need prayer?

SO, with lovely ladies here admonishing me to be brave but careful, I will be off bright and early Thursday. I miss you all!