Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Math is Fun!

I don't think that I ever smiled that big while doing math in "school".
THIS face, on the otherhand, is probably closer to how I felt doing math in public school.

Abraham says that he loves math, but approaches it seriously because he wants to get it done as quickly as possible. The sooner he gets his schoolwork completed, then sooner he can play or read "Hank the Cowdog" (his current series of choice....I must admit, it is pretty funny!).
Also, afters years of tears (LOL I'm a poet), Elijah is truly enjoying math this year. It is like the light bulb just went on in his head and now it all makes sense. AMEN!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Swinging Baby Bee

I just love Benaiah's shoes!
He would smiling big and cheesy. Then, I would click the camera and he would turn away at that very moment! Still, his profile is awfully cute.

Finally! A picture with him smiling. My digital camera made his coloring look at bit strange around his mouth, but at least I have photographic evidence that he can smile. It is spring but there was such thick clouds covering the sky (actually layers or clouds) that there was not a midge of blue sky showing. It was like living your day under a fluffy down comforter...except not warm. =)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Knowing When to Admit Defeat

Monday was a lovely sunny, spring-like day here in Oregon. The boys had been relatively well-behaved as they sat doing their schoolwork. They asked for a break. I agreed and of they went.

I was sitting at the table (in direct line-of-sight), when something in my gut said, "Look out the glass door." I turned my head to discover 3 shirt-less boys and a water hose. I said it was nice...but not that nice. It was only 52 degrees. I opened the door, stammering over my words the way parents do when they are attempting not to say everything they are thinking, and yelled for the ringleader to explain himself. I had him get dry clothes for everyone involved. And then I sat down, self-satisfied at my own adept handling of the situation.

HA! I looked out the door again.

Now, everyone was covered in the freshly made MUD! Mud? MUD! O, seriously, MUD? AGG.
My handsome trio were proudly displaying their newest find (an extremely long earthworm) and excitedly telling me home they had made him a MUD CASTLE. Mud Castle.....I should've known.

I didn't fuss at them at all. They had won the battle of tidiness. Bowing out of the war gracefully, I returned to my puzzle and tea.