Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Homeschooling Books, Living books, Whole Books

I thought that I would share what texts we are using for school today.

Spelling Power I like this book because it covers all levels of spelling. It is simple and quick.
New World Dictionary I picked up my copy at the local thrift store. Dictionaries are great tools, not just for reference, but for actual lessons. Today the bigger boy will be looking up more obscure words from their reading assignment.
Simply Grammar A very useful book because you can repeat lessons as need be. I find the boys often "brain dump" basic grammar rules, not in their writing, but in being able to articulate which is a linking verb or which is an adverb.
Treasure Island I checked this out last night at the local library. I am reading it myself to better check the boys' comprehension level and also to pullout words for their vocabulary lessons. This book seems to me to be a perfect boy book. I am always on the hunt for adequate boys books (not just dribble).
CLP Nature Reader 4 Why this book is so inexpensive and others are so expensive, I shall never understand. All levels of the CLP Nature Reader series are great. Even though the boys are mainly doing 5th grade level work, this little book is still useful for facts and a quick check on comprehension because of the questions at the end of each section. Non-fiction tastiness.
A Child's History of the World An pricy piece of literature which I found rather cheaply at a used curriculum sale. I love the way history is presented, not dry and burdensome, but rather interestingly and rich.
Drawing with Children All my children are enjoy art and drawing. I appreciate the systematic way she approaches art.
MCP Mathematics Levels B, E, F I didn't add a link here. They are sufficient books. I found that I detest Saxon math for being convoluted so I switched to this no nonsense math program.
CLP Phonics Level A I like things simple, simple and direct while being fully sufficient. Boys like things simple too.
Handwriting Without Tears grade 1 I tend to try to keep the boys either on grade level or above. I find if you do not tell them that something might be too difficult for them, they just do the work. :) This is a good, solid handwriting curriculum. I do follow-up with a more rigorous curriculum later, such as CLP handwriting.

So, this is what is on the table today. Tomorrow we add science (Apologia Science) and drop the history.

Happy Schooling!


  1. I love your gnomes! Reminds me of a song....

    Oh, give me a home
    Where the garden gnomes roam
    Where the deer and the antelope play
    Where chickens go "peep"
    And homeschooling's cheap
    And the boys drive mom crazy all day!

  2. Perfect, Bekah! You always were such a good song maker.

  3. Wow, look at all that variety! Good job, Angie! I remember when you were doing all CLP (wasn't that the one?).

    How do you do the Spelling Power? I bought that last year & STILL have not started on it. I still need to figure out how it works (*sigh*). You just might inspire me to pull that out. Joshua told me recently he wants me to give him his very own spelling bee. He's so funny.

  4. Shanna, life was simpler when I was just doing CLP. But, simple=boring for me. As for Spelling Power, I do not use it the way that they say, it seems too complicated as explained. I use the placement tests (easy to use) and then I give the boys their daily tests and they only work on the words that they miss.