Friday, August 3, 2012

I Hate the GPS

So, I was sitting with a herd of moms today at a homeschool park day, when the topic of whether we encourage our children to be flexible or not arose.  I had said something about intentionally not telling my children what I was planning or not planning on doing on the weekends (because I do not want to nagged to death).  This brought me to the place where funny lives. I told the feral mamas,  "Sometimes, I don't even know where I am going.  My husband will call and ask me where I am and I tell him that I do not know, because I don't.  Once I was totally lost and ended up in the foothills of the mountains at a Russian U-pick (which was super tasty) and I just started back in a direction that felt right (you know, like in my bones).  I eventually came upon a yard sale.  After choosing a few items for purchase, I asked the yard-sale-havers if they knew where we were and how I might go about getting back to the highway. A week after that I happened to stop at another yard sale (I do love them so) and my 3 y/o asked me if we were lost."
The feisty ladies said, "You should have a GPS." "I hate the GPS, with it nagging ways and sultry, hussy voice, intruding into my life, bossing me around." There.  Now you know.  Don't try to lie.  I know you hate her too.


  1. Love your post! I can't live without my gps but, I can't stand her voice either so I made her mute. i do find myself talking to her. it's usually a, "i know i am going the wrong way. i have another plan." calculating...calculating...

    1. I know, Lesly, they are SOOOO bossy!

  2. You posted!! I'm going to stalk you now...


  3. I dunno, Angie. I like to have my days planned out to the second. And I need Google maps to tell me exactly how long it will take me to get somewhere! But Silas has been telling me I really need to lighten up...

  4. Thanks, Angie, I enjoyed this post.
    I switched mine to speaking Korean which I am just learning and that was fun because I can understand LEFT RIGHT and straight ahead. That is, it was fun UNTIL I missed my destination and couldn't understand what she was saying. Back to English!

  5. So glad to gear I'm not the only one of that hates GPS! If i really need directions I keep an atlas in my car, or I'll ask. I'd much rather read a map than depend on electronics :) growing up my dad and I would go on different excursions in the mountains and I'd be the navigator, so I'd rather find it myself :) my husband uses GPS and its let us down too many times! :)